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The Idea
avilano - your partner for live-online learning

We make live-online learning, a modern form of e-learning, accessible to everyone. We bring people together, who want to acquire knowledge or who want to impart knowledge.

Learners and instructors communicate comfortably and flexibly from every part of the world. Not only do you save time and money, you can also connect and socialize with friends around the world!


How the avilano idea was born

I am teaching Spanish and German classes. When I moved to a city 400 km away from my old home, the problem arose that I was 400 km away from my previous customers and there seemed to be no new customers in the new city. So I had to find a solution for that. Should I give up my customers or would there be a way to keep in touch and give lessons despite the distance? I decided to give it a chance and keep teaching them. From that moment, my husband and I began to investigate and develop ideas how to distance-teach single persons and small groups in a way that is very similar to conventional classes and is easy to use for everybody.

After a while others were interested in our ideas and our team began to grow so that we were able to start our services that you can find here at www.avilano.com.


Irene Visarius-Aguilella


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