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Data Protection Policy
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This "Use of Data and Data Protection" text is the translation of the original text "Datennutzung und Datenschutz" which is written in German. In case of a conflict the German version of this text takes priority over this translation.

Use of Data and Data Protection According to § 33 Par. 1 BDSG
avilano GmbH (www.avilano.com/en/impressum/) will handle the personal data of users responsibly and within the boundaries of valid laws.
Users are herewith informed that avilano GmbH automatically processes participants' data in machine-readable form for services that result from the contract, in accordance with § 33 Par. 1 of the Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG) and § 13 Par. 1 of the Telemedia Law and identical legal regulations. The users expressly declare their agreement with these terms.
In the event that avilano GmbH utilizes a third party to provide the proffered services, avilano GmbH is authorized to release user data if necessary for the proper provision of a guarantee of operation within the purpose of the contract. Furthermore, avilano GmbH will release personal data to third parties only if legally required to do so.

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