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Revocation Policy
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This "Revocation Policy" text is the translation of the original text "Widerrufsbelehrung" which is written in German. In case of a conflict the German version of this text takes priority over this translation.


Right of Revocation
You can revoke your contract explanation in written form (letter, fax, e-mail) within two weeks without providing reasons. The time period begins on the day after this written instruction has been received, though not before conclusion of the contract. The punctual dispatch of the revocation before the deadline is sufficient for meeting the deadline. The revocation should be sent to:

avilano GmbH
Gallenkampstraße 5
59555 Lippstadt

E-Mail: info@avilano.com
Telefax: +49 2941 246852

Consequences of Revocation
In the case of an effective revocation both sides are to return received benefits and, if applicable, resulting benefits (e.g. interest). Should you not be able to return the received benefits completely or only in part or in a worsened condition, compensation must be made for the lost value. Obligations for the refund of payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The time period begins for you with the dispatch of your revocation declaration, for us with its reception.

Special Remarks
In the case of a service your right of revocation expires prematurely if your contract partner has begun providing the service before the revocation period is over, either with your permission or if you have arranged for the service to take place.

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