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Services for Live-online Instructors


Thinking about teaching online?

Need help implementing your lesson plan...?

Trying to find more learners to expand your classes...?

Are you searching for just the right platform...?



We offer you the following services in the field of e-learning:

  • webmeeting software created for instructors
    - especially designed for one-on-one lessons and small groups
    - free, friendly, professional support by phone, chat or e-mail
  • handling of remuneration payments / compensation
  • advertise and promote your classes
    - by listings outside avilano
    - by your class offerings
    - by your profile
  • build your contacts
    - learners seeking private and professional training
    - instructors within our live-online community


Live-online classes offer you many advantages:

  • teach comfortably from home while saving the time and cost of travel
  • make appointments flexibly
  • find your learners locally, across the country, or internationally


Get started now and join our modern online learning community:

  1. register with avilano for free
  2. arrange an introduction to the webmeeting software for free
  3. create and publish your class offerings
  4. create your personal profile
  5. examine the class want ads and contact learners
  6. arrange dates and payments - negotiate your class
  7. reserve the webmeeting-room for the planned lessons
  8. give the lessons in the webmeeting-room

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