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You requested the English version of the FAQ page. Currently, the full text is only available in German and this English version lacks several text parts. We apologize for this inconvenience.


In our FAQ area we have prepared a list of the frequent asked questions for you. If you don't find any answer to your questions here, then please contact us.


Confirmation e-mail – What should I know?

After you have registered with www.avilano.com, you receive an automatic confirmation email to the email adress you gave us. This email contains an activation key with which you have to activate your user account within 5 days. In case you don't receive any confirmation email, you probably mistyped writing your email adress. If so, please register again.

Forum – What can I do in the avilano-forum?

The avilano-forum for live-online learning is trilingual. Therefore you can write forum posts in German, English and Spanish. In order to be allowed to write forum posts you have to register with avilano before. 


Help – Where do I find help?

There are different possibilities: Look at the faq area or at the help of www.avilano.com. In case you don't find any answer to your question, contact us here. Then we will attend to your question personally.


Newsletter – Which information do I get with the avilano newsletter?

Everyone who is interested in www.avilano.com and live-online learning can subscribe to our newsletter without commitments and for free. The newsletter offers you actual information about avilano and live-online learning. If you aren't registered and would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please go to the service area and klick then on newsletter.


Payment of the live-online instructor - What should I know?

The renumerations are individually negotiated and payed between the instructor and  the learner - avilano does not exert influence on the renumerations.


User fee to avilano - What do I have to pay?

At www.avilano. com the live-online instructor pays a fee to avilano for using the virtual classroom. During the beta test the use is for free. avilano receives the fee directly from the live-online instructor, the live-online learner doesn't pay any user fee for the virtual classroom.


Webcam – What can I do if my webcam doesn't work in the virtual classroom?

The webcam only works in combination with the Adobe Flashplayer, that has to be installed on your computer.

  • The webcam has to be connected to your computer before you start the browser.
  • In the programm Flashplayer the webcam has to be permitted. This question appears, when you come into the virtual avilano-classroom.
  • Besides you can come to the point 'permit webcam', when you clic on the right mouse-button inside the avilano-window. In the menu that opens, please clic on 'Configuration' and then on 'Permit'. In this window you can also clic on the camera icon in order to see, which webcams are recognized by the flashplayer. Then these cameras can be used in the virtual classroom.


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